Equip your women to be confident in who they are, connected to one another and courageous to lead.

Many women struggle to make sense of their life, the hurts, disappointments and shame. This workshop helps them process and clarify their story. They will discover how God has been involved in every aspect of their journey and be empowered to use their story to encourage others.  When women find the truth in their story they can live, love and lead with confidence.


Stories have been told for generations to create emotional connections and pass down information. The greatest stories of all time were told by Jesus to teach and lead people.  We love stories because we are hard wired to learn lessons from seeing change in others. That’s why we must own the truth of our story for ourselves and share it. 

How much is an untold story costing your women and your church?

How much is shame and past hurts affecting your women’s potential? How much is discouragement and disconnection affecting your message? How many women in your community are still waiting to hear the story that will change their eternity?

Why leaders love this Workshop...

Easy to do

Just connect with us to book a date and we will send you everything you need to host a successful workshop

Only a Half Day

We understand that women are busy people. The 4 hour workshop still leaves room in the day for all the other things they need to do.

Freewill Offering

At this time we are not charging for the workshop. A freewill offering is requested to help cover expenses like milage and our time.

About The Workshop

  • A guided 6 step process to write her story
  • Story framework to share her story with clarity
  • Printable workbook
  • Engaging group discussions
  • Small or large groups (Min. 20 attendees)
  • Social Media Marketing Material provided
"What can be perceived as guilt, shame and fear turns to strength and confidence because the Lord reveals how he can take our stories and make them a part of His-story."
Natasha Coupland
Women's Pastor

How to Host A Workshop at Your Church

1. Let's book a date

2. Invite women to come

3. Enjoy the workshop!

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