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How To Work From Home and Actually Get Work Done!

There are so many benefits to working from home.

But there are things you need to plan for and strategies you need to put in place if you are actually going to get “work” done.

So, I asked my trusty Facebook friends for strategies… you know who you are! I’ve compiled them with my own and voila!

This will be a post that I will build upon as I learn more. So I’ll put it out bits at a time. 

I’ve been working from home for a year and a half now. It’s taken some time to get into a rhythm. Honestly, can’t say I’ve found the perfect rhythm, but I think I’m getting closer.
How to get more work done at home.  #1…
1. Working from home means that you will work alone – a lot. Now to me, mostly an introvert, that sounds so comforting. But to an extrovert like my husband,  that sounds like a slow death!
After church I’m out the door within a few minutes and one or two convo’s. But he will close out the church and even then keep looking for more people to chat with. (Don’t get me wrong, I like people, just not too many people for too long lol)
Some ways to intentionally plan for this are…
    •  Include social time in your calendar. Plan for it like you plan for work. That ensures you do your work when its work time and socialize when its social time.
    • Use social time as a reward for getting work done.
    • Schedule in a skype call with friend in the day to catch up for 10 minutes, laugh and actually look at someone elses face!
    • If you are an introvert like me check out this awesome book  about how extroverts can do amazing work. It’s called Quiet by Susan Cain
    • She also has a great TED Talk.

I’d love to hear if you did this and if it has worked or what you think! Please comment. Share if it helped you.

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