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WARNING! You Will Regret Not Embracing This Truth!


Christ died to set me and you free. Free from negative thoughts, free from sin and shame, free from death. 

Doesn’t it blow your mind every time you think about what Jesus did for you!

But now that we are free from those things, what did He set us FREE TO?

It can be easy to focus on what we are free from and there is a place for that but we need to give more attention to what we are SET FREE TO.

“Forget about what’s happened; don’t keep going over old history. Be alert, be present. I’m about to do something brand-new. It’s bursting out!  Don’t you see it? There it is! I’m making a road through the desert, rivers in the badlands.” (Isa. 43:18-19)

Imagine Sarah gets a pardon from her prison sentence. When the day comes that she steps outside for the first time in years, she just stands there for hours, then hours turn into days. She stands there thinking, “I am free from prison, I am free from the fighting and the horrible treatment from other inmates, from the abuse, from the crappy food, from the dingy dark cell. This is incredible!”

She never moves from that prison gate.

That’s crazy, right?

During her prison stay, she lost the freedom to express herself, to do new things, to make good choices. 

But, now she has that all back!

If she just stands there and ruminates about her past imprisonment then she has deeply missed the point of her freedom.

Now that she is FREE she needs to explore the good possibilities for her life. 

Jesus died so he could do a brand new thing in your life. Don’t miss all the possibilities by being stuck in the past! 

It’s possible to know God in a way you never imagined. It’s possible to become more than you ever dreamed. It’s possible to experience love, peace and joy so much that it overflows.

Now start focusing on what you are FREE to. Here are just 3 things. You can write more!

1. You are FREE to Dream.

 “I (God) will achieve infinitely more than your greatest request, your most unbelievable dream, and it will exceed your wildest imagination!”  Ephesians 3:20 Passion Translation)

Don’t settle for less than what God has for you. God wants to lavish you with His goodness.  I challenge you to use the scriptures above to expand your vision of who God is and what goodness He has for you!

2. You Are FREE to think transformational thoughts… anytime you want to, the more the merrier, there are no restrictions.

  • When you think, “Who am I to be or do that…..?’“.  Remember, Jesus Christ did all this for you already. It’s not about how good you are or how well you perform. It’s about how good He is. You just receive it cause you can’t change it sista. No amount of performing will change how much he loves you. (John 1:16).


  • When you think, “I’ve tried and it didn’t work out.” Paul said: “God works all things for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.” He’s got you and your weaknesses covered. God dealt with Moses who repeatedly protested, then pretty much begged God to leave him out of saving the Israelitess. God convinced him finally that He (God)  could handle it.  Moses went on to divide oceans so that people could walk right through the middle. He called on swarms of bugs and creatures that literally smothered all of Egypt. He turned other water into blood. That’s only one dude in the bible, there are many others. Like I said, God has you covered. Romans 8:28


  • ” I don’t know how.” Paul said,  it’s a process of discovery, one step at a time. Just enjoy the process. “I run with passion into his (Christ’s) abundance so that I may reach the purpose that Jesus has called me to fulfill and wants me to discover”. (Philippians 3: 12 Passion Translation)

3. You are FREE to take action. 

What lies have you believed about the level of abundance you are allowed to have? Repent of them and replace them with the scriptural truths above. Declare them in every situation of lack and limit.

Do you want more dreams for your life, more vision beyond your wildest imagination? Go for it. Dream with God. 

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Enjoy your freedom!!

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